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Is Luna right for me?

What is the difference between IOP and residential treatment? expand_more expand_less

IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Programming is a lower level of care for people who do not qualify for residential treatment or are stepping down from a residential level of care. In residential treatment clients are provided 24/7 supervision with room and board while being treated at the facility for a varied period of time; typically 30-90 days. In an Intensive Outpatient level of care clients live off site, either at home or in a sober living facility, and receive treatment on site during programming hours which range from 9-12 hours per week; typically lasting 6-8 weeks.

Residential programming allows clients the opportunity to focus on their treatment by being removed from distractions and influences that they have struggled to face while trying to find recovery.  In comparison intensive outpatient programming allows clients to receive treatment and support services while facing daily life, or reintegrating back into daily life following treatment at a higher level of care.

How much does treatment cost? expand_more expand_less

Treatment cost ranges depending on level of care and services provided.

I recently relapsed after a period of sobriety. Do I need residential treatment first before I can come to Luna? expand_more expand_less

Not necessarily. This is determined on a case by case basis. Some factors may include severity and length of relapse, current support system, and mental and physical health status.

What if I need more individual attention? expand_more expand_less

We can provide more individual attention outside of regular programming hours. We can also help set you up with one of our trusted referral sources should it be necessary.

Will I get individual therapy? expand_more expand_less

Absolutely! We have a host of therapists who specialize in many different areas of expertise. We are dedicated to finding the right person to address your individual needs.

What if Luna isn’t the right fit for me or my loved one? expand_more expand_less

We understand that Luna may not be the correct fit for everyone. If we are unable to provide you with treatment that fits your needs we will be glad to help you find a program that is right for you or your loved one.

Does Luna take insurance? expand_more expand_less

Yes, we work with insurance on an out of network basis. Insurance may cover the cost of treatment or a portion of the cost. Please contact us and we can verify your insurance benefits.


What does a typical day of Intensive Outpatient Programming look like? expand_more expand_less

Each group session is generally three hours in length. The first half of programming is dedicated to psychoeducation and a variety of topics presented by Luna and adjunct staff.  The second half of programming will begin after a short break and focus on the group therapy process.  All group therapy will be facilitated by a Luna or adjunct therapist.

What happens if I miss a session? expand_more expand_less

We understand that emergencies happen and that people will sometimes have to miss a session. If an absence is unexcused you will be billed for the cost of the session.

How long do the programs last? expand_more expand_less

Programs will generally last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. However, it is always possible to attend programming for a longer period of time depending on individual needs.

Substances and Medications

How can I be sure that my treatment is confidential? expand_more expand_less

Protecting our clients confidentiality is not only required by federal law but it is also something that we take very seriously at Luna Recovery Services. We will never contact anyone, provide information, or acknowledge your enrollment in our program to anyone without your written permission.

What happens if I use or relapse? expand_more expand_less

Unfortunately relapse does happen even when someone is seeking treatment and making an effort to change. A use event will be handled on a case by case basis. Some options may include staying enrolled with Luna Recovery or a referral to a higher level of care.

Can I take medications and still be considered sober? expand_more expand_less

Yes. Certain medications are perfectly safe for people in recovery to use. We will provide you with a list of medications that are safe and unsafe to use. We are available to consult with your prescribing physician or refer you to one of our trusted doctors.


How do I help my loved one? expand_more expand_less

Circumstances vary from case to case on how to help someone who is suffering from addiction. Feel free to contact us and we can help provide you with more direction.

My loved one attends programming at Luna. Do I have to be/Can I be involved in their care? expand_more expand_less

Due to confidentiality laws it is the client’s right whether to include family or loved ones in their care.  If the appropriate releases have been signed than we certainly encourage and strongly recommend that you do become involved in treatment.  Our family program is a great way to gain awareness around the impact addiction has on a family system, and how a family member or loved one can begin their own healing process in recovery.

How long will I need to enroll at Luna? expand_more expand_less

We take a highly individualized approach with each of our clients so it is difficult to say how long you will need to be enrolled with Luna.  Length of treatment is fluid depending on client needs and progress during treatment.  Typical length of programming ranges from 6-8 weeks.

Does Luna provide detox services? expand_more expand_less

Luna does not provide detox services. If a medical detox is necessary prior to enrollment we will be able to set you up with one of our trusted detox services.

Does Luna treat mental health disorders such as depression and bipolar? expand_more expand_less

Yes, we work with a variety of co-occurring disorders. People suffering from addiction often suffer from other forms of mental health disorders. Our staff is well trained and able to work with many mental health issues.

Do you follow up with client’s after discharge? expand_more expand_less

Yes, we will absolutely follow up with you or your loved after discharge.  We recommend all clients participate in our continuing care group following the completion of our Intensive Outpatient Program, which last up to six months and is free of charge.  We want our clients to understand that they are part of the Luna family and that we will continue to be a resource for them as they navigate the ups and downs of living a new way of life.

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