Making the decision to step into addiction recovery is one of the biggest and bravest things you will ever do. It takes a big dose of courage to step into the unknown. Here at Luna, we want to celebrate this step and support you on your journey.

The first thing you might notice about our Residential Treatment Program is its size. Luna’s Addiction Residential Treatment Center is located in a home, not a hospital. Our facility has been designed to make you feel at home, or maybe even better than being at home. The furniture, art, food, and all of the small touches are there with purpose.

Our treatment program is designed to be intense, intimate, and individualized, and our 2:1 staff to patient ratio helps make that a reality. Not only will you begin your recovery in a space that feels comfortable, inviting, and safe, you will know, very quickly, that you are supported by a tight, collaborative team of well-trained, compassionate professionals. You’ll be a member of a small, tight-knit community of individuals who share your goals of recovery and wellness. We’ll ask you to stretch outside your comfort zone, but you’ll know that you’re supported, heard, and held by the community as you do so. We promise you will not get lost in the halls or in the crowd at Luna.

Luna offers an integrated and client-centered approach to treatment, caring for your body, mind, and spirit. Our whole program is designed with that intention. You’ll have a safe, cozy place to lay your head, delicious, chef-prepared meals designed to fit your individual dietary needs, access to excellent medical, nutrition, and wellness staff, and the time to pursue your physical health through exercise and activity. Your mind will be active too. Our expert staff will teach you about the biological, psychological, and neurological aspects of addiction and other related topics. If you struggle with a co-occuring mental health disorder, you’ll learn about that too, and we’ll help you develop individualized coping skills. Finally, you’ll have many opportunities to satisfy and amplify your spirit: meditation, mindfulness activities, and daily gratitude groups are a part of the regular schedule at Luna.

Here are some details about what you can expect at Luna:

30 to 45-day stay: At Luna, we recognize that addiction treatment requires adequate space and time. Our minimum length of stay is 30 days. Additional time in treatment may be recommended and will be determined in partnership between our collaborative treatment team and you, the patient.

Biweekly physician encounters: You’ll meet privately, twice a week with our American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) certified physician to ensure that your health needs are met and that you are feeling as good as you can feel as you move through the treatment process.

Biweekly Individual Counseling Sessions: You’ll have a whole team at your back while you’re here, but you’ll also have a licensed Primary Counselor who will work with you privately, twice a week, to define and refine your treatment goals and work through issues as they come up. Your primary counselor will also help you develop a comprehensive discharge plan to ensure that you are ready to step down from this level of care and prepared to move forward in your treatment/recovery process.

Daily process groups: Residential treatment reinforces that you are not alone on the path of recovery. You’ll get to deeply experience this fact in daily, counselor-facilitated process groups where you and your peers will share issues, emotions, and experiences in a safe space.

Daily education sessions: Addiction is personal, and it impacts the body, mind, and spirit. Here at Luna, we believe that the more you know and understand about the biological, psychological, and neurological aspects of addiction, the more prepared you will be to fully embrace your recovery and move forward in your life.

Dual Diagnosis groups: If you have a diagnosed, co-occurring mental health issue, you’ll receive weekly education aimed at helping you manage and thrive.

Family therapy: Addiction impacts the whole family, and the whole family is impacted by recovery too. Here at Luna, we have trained professionals on staff to help family members and loved ones understand the addiction process as it relates to the entire family system, and therapists ready to help family members and patients begin their combined healing process Family therapy is optional and strongly encouraged. It is held every Sunday at Luna.


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