Residential Treatment

When you stay at our residential treatment center, you’re provided a comfortable, consistent level of care.
A tight-knit, collaborative team of experienced, compassionate professionals are by your side 24/7. You’ll be a member of a small, like-minded community of individuals who share your goals of addiction recovery.

Other Texas residential treatment centers can’t match this kind of care.

With a maximum of nine clients in residence at any time, Luna Recovery Services provides a unique, close-knit client community that other Texas residential treatment centers can’t match. In this upscale environment, we’re able to build trust and establish a true connection with our clients to achieve realistic goals.

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In this close-knit, upscale environment, we’re removing all the distractions of your daily life so you can focus on yourself for a while.

Comprehensive, individualized counseling in a first-class environment.

Our residential rehab program at Luna Recovery Services is designed to be comprehensive, intimate, and highly customized. Amenities offered are designed to support our clients mentally and physically.

Included as part of our exclusive rehab experience:
  1. Housekeeping services
  2. An outdoor pool
  3. Chef-prepared meals
  4. Personalized nutrition plans
  5. Massage and body treatments
This carefully-curated program consists of:
A 30 to 90-day stay

Additional time in treatment may be recommended and will be determined in partnership between our collaborative treatment team and the client.

Medical and psychiatric care:

Private meetings will be held one to two times per week with our American Board of Addiction Medicine certified physician and our psychiatrist. This ensures specific health needs are addressed and that our clients are comfortable throughout every step of the treatment process.

Biweekly Individual Counseling Sessions:

A whole team has your back while you’re here. A licensed primary therapist will work with you privately, at least twice a week, to define and refine your treatment goals and work through issues as they arise. Your primary therapist will also help you develop a comprehensive discharge plan. It ensures you’re ready to step down from this level of care and can continue to succeed throughout your recovery.

Group Therapy:

Residential treatment reinforces that you’re not alone on the road to a sober life. Daily therapist-facilitated group therapy with you and your peers will include sharing issues, emotions, and experiences in a safe, healing environment.

Daily Education Sessions:

Alcohol and drug addiction is highly personal. Here at Luna, we believe that the more you know and understand about the biological, psychological and neurological aspects of addiction, the more prepared you will be to fully embrace your recovery.

Dual Diagnosis:

If you have a diagnosed, co-occurring mental health issue, you’ll receive individualized treatment planning. You and your therapist will co-create your treatment plan. Your short- and long-term goals will address your specific needs.

Family Therapy:

Addiction impacts the entire family. The whole family is impacted by your recovery too. We offer weekly family therapy—a mix of education and group, either in person or virtually.

Held every Sunday for our residential treatment clients and their families, family therapy is optional and strongly encouraged. Our experienced professionals help family members and loved ones understand the addiction process as it relates to them. Everyone affected can begin their combined healing process.

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Luna Recovery

5757 Woodway Dr., Suite 110
Houston, Texas 77057

Please park in the parking garage behind the building (south). Follow the sidewalk to the breezeway and into the building. We are located on the first floor in the northeast corner of the building.

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