One-on-one therapeutic sessions with a specialist offer a personalized, in-depth approach to your recovery.

Therapeutic Process

Therapy encourages you to be open and vulnerable with others. This is not only an effective way to treat addiction, but a valuable form of self-healing that benefits you in all aspects of life. The individual therapy we provide is highly specialized with established goals in place; the primary goal being a substance-free life.

Throughout the individual therapy process, treatment objectives are formulated and both short and long term goals are discussed and established. Ongoing assessment of an individual’s progress will be provided along with interventions in areas where change is desired. We want to encourage all clients to be open to the therapeutic process as a starting point in developing skills that will provide strength in continuing to monitor and treat their addiction long term.

At Luna Recovery we see people for an array of co-occurring issues. Our master level therapists are able to see alumni and others for continuing therapy which is a very important aspect of the recovery process.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

We are equipped with a lot of different modalities in order to find a solution for the individual in need. We see people for:

Addictions :: Depression :: Anxiety :: Trauma
Self-worth :: Grief :: Shame


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