A professional intervention requires a fine balance of a delicate and also firm approach to the individual. Intervening on a loved ones addiction can feel overwhelming for all involved. Questions often arise about the most effective way to approach the situation and many give their opinion on what’s best.  This often results in feelings of frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and stress.  This is not the intention of a successful intervention on any illness.

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What we at Luna hope to offer through our intervention services is support, guidance, education, and inclusion.  We want to support everyone impacted by addiction and offer guidance and services to all in need of healing.  Secondly, we want to educate the support system on the disease of addiction and empower personal healing through further understanding of the illness.  Finally, we want to include the addict in the intervention process.

All too often everyone is trying to figure out the best way to treat the addict without involving the primary sufferer. We feel that this step is important.  If help is continued to be refused then further facilitation on setting healthy boundaries will be discussed. It is important to remember that many interventions are about supporting an individual’s health and well being, and no longer supporting the progression of their illness. Understanding this allows for the intervention process to begin.


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