Beginning this journey is one of the most difficult decisions ever made.
We get it.

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Luna Recovery Services is a first-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center.

Inpatient and outpatient facilities are located in the upscale neighborhoods of Tanglewood and The Heights in Houston, Texas. Our highly trained team of addiction and mental health professionals is dedicated to doing everything they can to support our clients and their families through addiction recovery.

Whether it’s a history of cocaine, alcohol, opioids or other substance abuse, we understand the challenges, the pain and the suffering of addiction. To make that first step toward the journey to a life of sobriety is one of the most difficult decisions ever made.

At Luna, we get it. And we´re honored to help.

We create treatment plans associated with

The body, mind and emotions.

Our wide range of individualized treatment programs treat the whole person. To transition into long-term sobriety, our programs are associated with the body, mind and emotions of clients who are struggling with the impact substance abuse has had on their lives for too long.

The drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs and services offered at

Luna Recovery Services include:

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Consistent, supportive treatment in an upscale, managed environment
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Residential Treatment

Our rehab services include an innovative residential treatment center offering first-class, in-house care for our clients aged 18 and over. The time spent in the day-to-day routine of consistent, supportive care allows for a little downtime and an easier transition into an addiction-free life.
Only nine clients reside in our upscale, managed residence at any one time.

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Our goal is to treat your teen and family with a personalized treatment plan
adolescent treatment
adolescent treatment program

Adolescent Treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) revealed that over 8,000 adolescents require addiction treatment but do not receive it. Our comprehensive adolescent treatment program is designed to help teenagers with their individualized needs and overcome their struggles with addiction.
Contact us today to get see if our program is right for your loved one.

Outpatient treatment programs so all our clients can get well

Outpatient Treatment

A variety of outpatient treatment programs are provided at Luna. These programs offer minimal disruption to work or life schedules to give all our clients time to get well.

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In a safe, healing environment, drug and alcohol  recovery is truly achievable.

We’ve created a healing, compassionate environment to help guide clients and their loved ones to take action toward true addiction recovery. Under the guidance of a multi-faceted team of experts, including Master’s Level Therapists, addiction doctors and nurses, recovery experts, and other wellness professionals, drug and alcohol rehab is truly achievable.


I got the most out of Luna

I have been to the state-run facilities in the middle of nowwhere and to expensive treatments in Aspen, CO. They made it an easy place to kind of open up. I stayed for a month in the residential treatment program. The reason I wanted to go was to have a safe place to get away from the drugs, the friends, the parties, like that. The other’s staying there understood the concept of what I was going through. We all related to other people’s experiences and found a common ground. It helped that you’re all in the trenches together. They’re not super pushy at Luna. They give you a lots of options like SMART Recovery and AA. There was a lot of support. It was just a comfortable place to be.”

- Jason H

I went through the residential program, PHP and IOP

It really brought me back out of a darkness I couldn’t get out of myself. I tried to do it on my own. It helped me rebuild relationships I didn’t know if, or when, I could repair. I had a great experience in the residential program. I loved everyone I was in the program with, and still talk to them to this day. All the staff, the therapists – they made us feel at home. As soon as I got there, I was no longer nervous.”

- Madeline K

The program was a complete success for me

I highly recommend them. While I was there I really enjoyed it. I had made the decision to just not to drink at all and liked how they catered to what I specifically needed. And I liked that they’re a small boutique, versus a large, hospital-like setting. I was looking for accountability. I complete a monthly survey and like that because it goes on for a year after treatment. It’s great to apply all the tools you learn while you were there. I was there to learn and took everything I learned with me and applied it to the real world. It was everything I was looking for.”

- Lori A

We got to shed a light on my habits and neuroses

“They extended ongoing care options, including alumni meetings which I still go to. I’ve learned how to implement all I’ve learned in my day-to-day life of sobriety. I’m going on 18 months.”

- DJ G

Luna means a lot to me

“I went to a program in Bastrop and was referred to them after that. I participated in the IOP program. It was a great place to be around others on the same journey and a fantastic staff. And they don’t just leave you to hang out to dry. The continued Alumni meetings are held by the same wonderful staff. It’s great aftercare.”

- Robert A

The treatment at Luna was very helpful

“ I was able to develop a relationship with myself again. I’ve been a little over 10 months sober. It has given me a new addiction, which is recovery.”

- Marsha L