Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Houston, Texas

Dual diagnosis treatment centers are an imminent necessity for anybody struggling with more than one mental health or addiction disorder. Thanks to the numerous tools and treatment programs offered by Luna Recovery Services in Houston, Texas, people can finally receive the care they need to learn the tools to manage their co-occurring conditions successfully.

Let the following resources at our dual diagnosis treatment centers show you there is hope, regardless of how severe your situation may be.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to individuals who have been professionally diagnosed with multiple disorders or co-occurring mental or addiction disorders simultaneously. Anybody who’s been medically diagnosed with more than one disorder requires medically-assisted treatment to achieve full recovery or symptom management. Dual diagnosis treatment centers are your key to properly managing and eliminating symptoms of mental problems or addiction disorders.

How Common is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnostic disorders frequently coexist. Researchers discovered that 50% of those who have a substance use disorder will also have a mental health disorder, and vice versa. If left untreated, further health consequences will arise. That’s why a professional environment such as dual diagnosis treatment centers is beneficial to help effectively manage these chronic illnesses. Remember that drug abuse and mental illness are diseases that don’t discriminate. Professional help is the best bet for achieving a successful recovery.

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction Disorders?

Addiction disorders come in many different shapes and sizes. However, the underlying symptoms manifest themselves in many obvious ways. You’ll find some of these indicators share common likenesses to mental health condition symptoms. Here are some of addiction disorder’s most common red flags.

Sudden shifts in attitude, especially in minor circumstances or without cause could be a direct result of drug use. In the case of substance or alcohol addiction, mood swings occur because of the destabilization of neuronic frequencies caused by substances. This means your reactions and judgments are more subject to be erratic and irrational. Luna Recovery’s dual diagnosis treatment centers can help you restore your neuronic balance and find your purpose in recovery.

When substance use takes priority in your life, it is often at the expense of your job performance. That’s why an uncharacteristic or sudden suffering work performance could be an indication of drug addiction. When this red flag arises, it’s usually not long before job loss occurs. Seek recovery coaching if you or someone you love is experiencing suffering work performance caused by substance dependency.

Substance dependency causes a lot of disruption in our lives. In the case of young adults or adolescents, poor grades or unconventional absences are revealing of a much deeper issue. That issue could be several reasons such as drug addiction, underlying mental episodes, or even co-occurring disorders. Don’t ignore the poor grades and absences that tell you something is wrong. Interceding on behalf of yourself or another by reaching out to dual diagnosis treatment centers nearby could be the turning point in your or a loved one’s life.

Friends play a vital role in influencing your decisions. That’s why you should take notice of any odd shift in your or a loved one’s choice of friends. This change in social companions could be the very influences that are fueling you or a loved one’s substance dependency problems. Speak to a therapist to learn more about how your friendships can make or break your rehabilitation goals

Drug use and its withdrawal symptoms are known to produce high levels of anxiety. Therefore, if you experience any abnormal anxiousness or anxiety that is out of the ordinary, it may be a symptom of substance dependency. It could even be a symptom of an addiction-induced mental health condition.

Reach out to a dual diagnosis assessment specialist to get to the root of the underlying causes of your anxiety struggles. Getting the help you need is the only way to reverse these addiction battles or manage your mental health symptoms.

What are Common Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness?

Mental health conditions manifest themselves in many ways. However, because mental conditions often disguise themselves as personality traits, signs can be difficult to spot if you don’t know what to observe. Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of a mental disorder.

Intentionally isolating yourself from social activity in the presence of others can be indicative of an underlying mental disorder. This includes behavior such as avoiding social interactions and feeling extreme agitation in social gatherings. If you or someone you love avoids family or social gatherings altogether, there may be an underlying reason. Seek professional assessment to rule out or confirm any potential mental illness that may be associated with social withdrawal.

Unlike social isolation, social detachment is a complete disconnect from reality. This means the individual is completely unaware of their environment and the people around them. Someone exhibiting this symptom of mental illness will act in a manner that is unfit and unnatural to the circumstances around them. This often means the mental health sufferer is in a delusional state or experiencing an episode.

Like signs of addiction, extreme mood swings can also indicate an underlying mental condition. Sudden mood swings as a symptom of mental illness can come on without any apparent cause or warning. In turn, this can induce confusion and frustration, putting the sufferer in a deeper state of discouragement or depression. It’s important to understand, as impossible as it may feel to cope with mood swings, there’s hope for your struggle.

Another symptom of mental illness, likened to signs of addiction, is anxiety or paranoia without any apparent cause. This will physically manifest itself in visible anxiousness, nervous ticks, or other obvious acts of paranoia. Seeking professional treatment is the only way to properly manage and neutralize your anxiety symptoms. A diagnosis from the appropriate experts at any of the dual diagnosis treatment centers near you helps you receive the most personalized anxiety treatment available.

One of the most common symptoms encountered by the majority of mental health sufferers is extreme bouts of fatigue. These bouts of weariness are a byproduct of chemical deficiencies in the brain. Thankfully this symptom can be managed with proper medication with the approval of a physician or certified therapist. Speak to our team of dedicated therapists to see if you may qualify for a prescription that can help restore your natural energy levels.

Can Underlying Disorders Cause Additional Mental or Addiction Disorders?

Possessing a preexisting mental condition or addiction disorder poses a high risk of developing additional issues. For example, one who has a preexisting drinking or drug problem can inflict enough brain damage to acquire a mental disorder. Or one who is struggling with a preexisting mental health condition may turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. This is why many co-occurring disorders can go unnoticed or undiagnosed, especially if they are being hidden. Thankfully, Luna Recovery has the best counselors to guide you to the best dual diagnosis treatment centers that meet your every need.

What Types of Treatment are Available at Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

Dual diagnosis treatment entails simultaneously treating your mental health condition and your substance use disorder. You’ll work with your doctor to learn how each of your conditions impacts the other. This will assist you in determining which treatment will be the most beneficial.

You must quit using the addictive substance in order to achieve dual diagnosis recovery. Many folks will begin with detoxification. During inpatient detoxification, you will be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will assist you in weaning off the substance and give methods to mitigate the impacts of withdrawal.

dual diagnosis treatment centers

Dual diagnosis treatment centers provide an open variety of personalized treatment options engineered for your individual needs. Your treatment may include behavioral therapy, medication, support groups, or inpatient care, depending on a variety of conditions. A dual diagnosis treatment assessment specialist will help place you in one of the following treatment programs.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a treatment that puts you in the driver’s seat by helping you retrain your mental process to form healthier thought habits. Many report this type of treatment to be relaxing and even enjoyable in most cases This scientifically-proven method is made effective by doctors retraining you to process your thoughts and emotions positively and healthily.

Many individuals with co-occurring disorders require inpatient treatment. This type of treatment helps you receive the types of therapy and interventions you need to overcome your mental health and addiction struggles. Residential treatment at Luna Recovery ensures the process is as comfortable and individualized as possible. We provide the most top-notch support and personalized treatment available to overcome any obstacles you face.

The best way to recover mental stability is to remove substance dependencies that potentially caused mental problems to begin with. Medical detox in Houston, Texas is the only way to achieve the sobriety necessary to help manage co-occurring mental conditions. The purpose of medically-aided detox is to remove the cravings and short-term withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.

Attempting to do so alone frequently leads to discouragement and depression that only deepens drug addiction. Depending on your severity of dependency it can even cause you bodily harm up to and including death. You don’t have to be alone in your struggle. Seek medical detox now to make your sobriety journey a seamless transition.

Luna Recovery’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Can Be Your Path to A Better Life

Our recovery and mental health specialists are wholeheartedly dedicated to seeing you thrive independently in and beyond rehab. We make sure you have every tool at your disposal to remove addiction cravings and hold mental health symptoms at bay.

We understand the only way to defeat your mental health and addiction struggles is to give you the most individualized treatment on your terms at your pace. Your road to a happier life starts by accepting the help you need and deserve today. Contact our facility today to get started.