Sobriety and recovery are about so much more than abstinence. Thriving and living meaningful, joy-filled lives are the real goals. Here at Luna, we know that individuals who stay connected to recovery programming and support beyond the first 90 days of sobriety significantly increase their odds of maintaining  and thriving in recovery over the long-term. We have 2 offerings that support that goal: Recovery Coaching and Recovery Companions.

Recovery Coaching and Recovery Companions

Our Recovery Coaches are trained in Motivational Interviewing techniques and have an arsenal of recovery-related exercises and resources to share with their clients. In addition to offering up to 3 hours of weekly, personal, one-on-one sessions, they also act as case managers working with family members, sponsors, sober living homes, and treatment programs in support of their client’s recovery journey.

Recovery Companions provide both company and accountability to clients that need more assistance. Companions may accompany clients to meetings, go on social outings, and assist clients in day-to-day obligations in early recovery.

Recovery support is customizable and tailored to individual needs with both of these options. Support can range around-the-clock care to a single session. At Luna, we realize that individuals are unique and so are their recovery needs. We will work with you and your support network to customize a plan that’s right for you.


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