Who We Are 

Luna Recovery Services is a collective of addiction and mental health professionals with a passion for helping and the professional training, skills, and knowledge to back up that passion.  We specialize in meeting people where they’re at with their addiction treatment needs by offering a full continuum of care: residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare programming, and recovery coaching. We focus on the whole person in all of our addiction programs, utilizing both traditional and alternative approaches to care. We provide solutions for individuals and families who are struggling with the disease of addiction and the impact it has on the varied facets of their lives.

At Luna, we pride ourselves on offering a truly unique Substance Use Disorder treatment experience. Our highly trained professionals collaborate to give our clients the highest quality of care. We have a multi-faceted team that includes Addiction Medicine, Master’s level therapists, recovery experts, and other wellness professionals ensuring our ability to identify and address our clients individual needs.

Luna Recovery Services is CARF Accredited. CARF the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is the gold star standard and premier accrediting body for health and human service providers.


Our intent is to support individuals and their families in navigating a path toward wholeness and leading a recovered life.


At Luna Recovery Services, we understand that addiction is a disease that is progressive in nature. Left untreated, addiction creates immeasurable suffering and is often fatal. We also know that addiction is treatable, and we are dedicated to providing a safe environment and high-quality care that allows our clients and their loved ones to take action and begin the healing process. Under the guidance of our team, clients and families will focus on the solution to their current challenges in a loving and compassionate atmosphere.

Our goal is to help you achieve personal freedom, and we are honored to be a part of your journey into recovery.


Here at Luna we are guided by and seek to cultivate a caring and supportive atmosphere that embraces these interconnected values:

At Luna, we are with you for a lifetime.

We are committed to you and your family members through every phase of your lives and recovery.

Our Services

Residential treatment allows you to step out of the stressors of your daily life and into a structured, focused environment that includes medical assistance, clinical counseling and education meant to give you a strong head start to a fulfilling life of in sobriety.  Our comprehensive 30- to 45-day Addiction Residential Treatment program is designed to be intimate and individualized.  Read more Luna Recovery Services Residential Treatment program HERE.

Partial Hospitalization, or “Day Treatment” is designed to meet the needs of individuals who require intensive clinical support and structure but are unable to commit to or afford the cost of residential treatment. Our programming provides medical support, assessment, clinical counseling, and education designed to help you step confidently into recovery.  Read more about our Partial Hospitalization program HERE.

Intensive Outpatient treatment offers individuals the benefit of a comprehensive, robust treatment experience while allowing the time and freedom to attend to personal and professional obligations while living at home or in sober living environments. Luna Recovery Services recognizes that everyone has different scheduling needs, and we offer both daytime and evening programming.  Read more about our Intensive Outpatient programming HERE.

Recovery Coaching and Recovery Companions – At Luna, we understand staying connected to recovery programming and support after completing a formalized treatment program has a positive impact on long-term recovery.  For this reason, we offer both Recovery Coaching and Recovery Companionship to our clients.  Read more about these offerings HERE.

Alumni Group Sessions – At Luna we know that continuing to engage in some level of structured, treatment related activity is beneficial to long term recovery. We invite our alumni to attend a weekly group session.

Family Support Sessions – At Luna, we recognize the importance of family involvement in the treatment process.  We include the family in our Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient programming.

We are located in Houston, TX and are proud to partner with many of the professionals in the Texas Medical Center and other Houston area behavioral health specialists. While we are proud to serve the Houston community our doors are open to anyone in the world who desire a small, private, and sophisticated treatment program.


What’s Next

While drugs and alcohol often seem like the problem, at Luna Recovery Services we know that ingesting substances is the individual’s best effort to treat an internal issue. In the absence of a substance, feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and boredom can cause grave discomfort. We need to replace drugs and alcohol with another solution – this solution is exactly what we provide in all of our programs. We’re here to help; please reach out.

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